Editorial Board


Graham Leonard, GNS Science/Massey University, New Zealand

Editorial Board

Jenni Barclay, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

Shane Cronin, Institute of Natural Resources, New Zealand

David Johnston, Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University, New Zealand

Grant Heiken, 331 Windantide Place, United States of America

Claire Horwell, University of Durham, United Kingdom

Ilan Kelman, University College London, United Kingdom

Allan Lavell, Latin American Social Science Faculty (FLACSO), Costa Rica

Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Patricia Mothes, Instituto Geofísico, Quito-Ecuador

Chris Newhall, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Kevin R Ronan, Central Queensland University, Australia

Laura Sandri, INGV, Sezione di Bologna, Italy

Carol Stewart, 37 Harland Street, New Zealand

Shinji Takarada, AIST, Japan

John Twigg, University College London, United Kingdom

Thomas Wilson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand 

Nathan Wood, U.S. Geological Survey, United States of America